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To help in your membership recruitment efforts and to provide you with the resources you will need as you approach prospects, we’ve assembled this Membership Recruitment Toolkit. 

If you wish to email the member application to a non-member, it can be found in the visitor section without login at On that page you will find the membership requirements for Associates and Builders, continuing education requirements and the membership application if both a PDF and online format. Please note that if they apply and pay online, they will be charged the new membership dues amount. 

Included in this toolkit: 

  1. Membership Recruiting Tips
  2. Messaging Themes
  3. Common Objections to Membership
  4. Builder-Associate Letter Sample
  5. Membership Requirements for Builders and Interim Builders 
  6. Membership Requirements for Associate Members 
  7. Builder Membership Application
  8. Associate Membership Application
  9. Benefits to Becoming and Affiliate 
  10. Affiliate Membership Application 
  11. Member Benefit List 
  12. Top 10 Reasons to Become a Member 
  13. Call Log Sheet 


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