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The MBA contracts and MBA Forms have been copyrighted for the exclusive use of MBA members.   The MBA standard contracts, agreements and forms are respected by the industry, the court system and the home buying public.  All contracts, agreements and forms are viewed as being fair and balanced to all parties.  It is important to stress the MBA contract is to be utilized only by MBA members in a consistent manner.  As a result, the Board of Directors asks all members to abide by the following policy when utilizing any MBA document.

Use & Guidance Policy

If a member is utilizing any copyrighted MBA document, the member shall refrain from making any material modifications to the standard terms covered in the document unless the modification is clearly and visibly shown on the contract or in an addendum.  If there are any modifications, additions, deletions to the standard document that are not clearly designated on the contract and form, then these items shall be included as an addendum to the MBA standard document.  Failure to incorporate such an addendum or clearly denote any changes to the standard contract or form is an ethical violation and against copyright law.  MBA members who make material changes from the standard document that are not clearly indicated must refrain from making any reference to the MBA standard document (e.g. “MBA contract as revised by XX Builder” is not permissible) if it is not the identical contract with an addendum or an identical contract with such modifications clearly shown on the contract or form. A member is free to use their own contract without reference to the MBA Standard contract. 

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