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 Building or remodeling a home is an exciting experience, the culmination of many months or years of planning and expectations.

The process of building or remodeling is more complex than most other buyer-seller transactions, extending over a substantial period of time and involving many different individuals - subcontractors, suppliers, lenders, etc. The best written contracts, specifications and plans still leave room for legitimate interpretational differences. Delays during construction are normal due to shortages of materials, employment disputes, adverse weather conditions and buyers making changes to building plans. Communication is the only means of translating original concepts into a finished product.

Differences of opinion during the construction or warranty period may arise. If a mutually satisfactory solution to a problem cannot be reached between the buyer and contractor, either party may begin a civil lawsuit, which normally involves a significant commitment of time, energy, money and frustration.

Recognizing this, the Metropolitan Builders Association has been at the forefront of industry self-regulation to benefit the customer, the contractor and the building industry. The MBA has committed its resources and technical knowledge to resolve construction-related disputes. Since 1957, the MBA has been involved in dispute settlement, devoting considerable time and volunteer resources.

Communication (Conciliation) Stage 
Since lack of communication is often the principal reason for a construction dispute, the MBA's full-time staff is available to answer basic questions about the construction process and, if necessary, initiate the MBA's dispute resolution procedures. The staff's mission is to act as a communication conduit to assure that the parties are clearly communicating the nature of the dispute with the intention of avoiding the expense of more formal procedures. If informal negotiations are unsuccessful, the MBA offers the following dispute settlement mechanisms: 

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