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Homeownership is Good for Families, Our Communities, and the Economy!

Homeownership provides stability, peace of mind and long-term security. It strengthens the economy and local businesses, creates jobs and provides much-needed tax revenue for state and local governments. But some policymakers are considering scaling back the mortgage interest deduction, imposing more stringent requirements on borrowers and letting the foreclosure crisis deepen. This attack on homeownership threatens to devalue our homes, harm our communities and their businesses, and further weaken the nation's fragile economy. 

Rally with us and tell your elected officials:

  • Homeownership is important to families and communities.

  • Creditworthy families and small businesses need mortgages and loans.

  • We need to protect the mortgage interest deduction.

  • We need policies that will help resolve the foreclosure crisis.

View photos of the Milwaukee Rally here>>

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