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Building and Remodeling Council

Builder Chair:  Brian Ruffing
Remodeler Chair:  Mark Brick
Staff Liaison:  Amanda Dombrowicki
Exec Committee Rep: Jonathon Synovic

Mission Statement: The MBA Building & Remodeling Council serves as a collective of industry professionals, including professionals from related industries, working together to stimulate discussion, share expertise and disseminate pertinent information while supporting the builder and remodeler members of the MBA.

Developing and Government Affairs Council

Chair: Jim Doering
Vice Chair:  Kevin Dittmar
Staff Liaison:  Kristine Hillmer
Exec Committee Rep: Jim Doering

Mission Statement: The MBA Developing and Government Affairs Council acts to increase the MBA's influence on land development and building related topics on a global, regional, state and local basis. The Council builds and fosters a positive working relationships with area municipalities, regulatory agencies and elected officials at all levels, by sharing information on important industry-related issues. 

Proposed EPA Revisions to Erosion Control Regulations >>

Sales and Marketing Council

Chair:  Ray Hoffman
Vice Chair:  Amanda Coakley
Staff Liaison:  Natalie Lemke
Exec Committee Rep: Ray Hoffman

Mission Statement: The Sales and Marketing Council is dedicated to branding the Metropolitan Builders Association and its events, as well as bringing more awareness to the Association through recommendations and assistance with marketing, PR, and advertising tasks.

Dispute Resolution Intake Committee

Chair:  Ryan Krueger
Vice Chair: Mike Baumann
Staff Liaison:  Becky Crnkovich
Exec Committee Rep: David Belman  

Mission Statement: It is our mission to assist members and the general public in settling disputes with integrity, honesty and confidentiality. It is our goal to come to a swift mutual agreement through our Mediation/Arbitration process, and move forward in bringing disputes to a successful close. The CAB/DRC provides dedicated, knowledgeable, and professional volunteers who maintain the principles of fairness and standards of quality expected in the residential construction industry.

Education Committee

Chair:  John Atlee
Vice Chair:  Dave Mihalovich
Staff Liaison:  Becky Crnkovich
Exec Committee Rep: Rusty Peterson

Mission Statement: Responsible for coordinating education programs offered by the MBA; increase awareness and participation in educational programs and plan seminars/conferences targeting the specific needs of various building industry segments.

Membership Committee

Chair:  Susan Keel
Vice Chair: Dave Glisczinski
Staff Liaison:  Toby Van Sistine
Exec Committee Rep:  John Stoker

Mission Statement: The Membership Committee shall continuously seek to improve the value of MBA membership by actively recruiting, engaging & retaining members.  We shall accomplish this by providing professional and welcoming environments for new & existing members.  We continuously broaden the involvement of our members and strengthen the Association.

Community Council

President:  Robin Kessler Braun
Vice President: Tina Timm
Exec Committee Rep: Gary Ebert

Mission Statement: The MBA Community Council is dedicated to promoting industry professionalism and support of Council Members at the local level by offering networking and educational opportunities, community awareness and outreach and professional and personal development as well as strategies and solutions for professionals in the building industry. The Community Council provides members the professional advantage necessary to excel and succeed, personal recognition for their contributions to various committees, fund raising and the building community at large. 

Meeting Dates: Second Wednesday of each month.   

Community Council Application (PDF) >>

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Chair:  Gary Ebert
Vice Chair: Ray Hoffman
Secretary/Treasurer Rusty Peterson
Staff:  Kristine Hillmer

Mission Statement: The Associate Advisory Board (AAB) acts as a liaison between builders and their member partners within the Metropolitan Builders Association. We deliver information to associate members on pertinent issues; offer a conduit of involvement through committees, education, social and philanthropic activities. The AAB supports the growth of our association while promoting the construction industry at large.





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